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8750 Epson T-1000 Black Oem Printer Ribbon
8750 Epson T-1000 Black Oem Printer Ribbon

Epson T-1000 Black OEM Printer Ribbon
Our Price: $6.58

Product Code: 8750

Aaaahhhh . . . the sound of the dot matrix printer.  Not quite as bad as nails on a chalkboard, but close . .   From the printhead moving back and forth, one line at a time to feeding continuous paper with the holes on both sides, and of course making sure you are lined up with the perforation.  And as soon as you hit the print button, you watch, in a hypnotic state, each line with anticipation, and saying to yourself, "is this thing done yet?"  So who uses such a beast, well actually many businesses that need to print a multi-part form.

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