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64215 Panasonic KX-E7000 OEM Black Correctable Typewriter Ribbon
64215 Panasonic KX-E7000 Correctable Ribbon

Panasonic KX-E7000 Black Correctable Typewriter Ribbon
Our Price: $17.95

Product Code: 64215

Wow!  You own a fine piece of technology, an electric typewriter.  You are moving up in the world.  That college paper is a breeze now, with your new friend by your side.  You feel so inspired,  your thoughts are in sync with your dancing fingers, moving effortlessly like playing a classical symphony piece on a grand piano.  Now you have this plastic cartridge perfectly shaped and engineered to fit into your machine with a film ribbon inside.  No more are the days of planning not to wear white the day you must change the ribbon in your typewriter.  No more touching the ribbon.  Just snap it into your machine and you are off, like a rocket ship launch.  Excited to fill that fresh piece of paper with ideas, thoughts and feelings.  Best of all, you know if you spell a word incorrectly you can simply push a button and correct it, then move on . . .  aaaahhhhh life is good!

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