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3745D Olivetti ET 2250 Lift Off Correcting Cassette
3745D Olivetti ET 2250 Lift Off Cassette

This is the lift off tape you need, fits many Olivetti ET series typewriters. Scroll down and take a peek at the related supplies.
Our Price: $18.50

Product Code: 3745D

A typewriter?  You made a mistake on a  typewriter? Some really smart people invented lift off correction tape, a coated plastic tape about a 1/4" on a little reel that fits perfectly into your machine.  It's an ingenious piece of technology that when used with a correctable film ribbon will magically remove your mistake from the paper with a touch of a button!  I know . . . crazy isn't it?  The cool thing is . . . no one will ever know you even made a mistake.

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